Cheers to you!

"Do what you love and you will
never work a day in your life."
(said by someone great)

Thank you to my very special clients!!
I was always slow to embrace the web as a means of communication. I am a touch/ feel old school gal. However, over time it has grown on me and here I am... Some of you have known me since I started out in the art world as a young woman. You watched me as I showed in New York City, the UK, Martha's Vineyard and other locales. I sold my first photograph in 1982 and I know since that time, some of you have a large collections. You have supported me as I grew up, traveled, moved, settled on the Vineyard and got married. My sweet husband always says my clients get a hug with my photography. Whether you are clients that hire me for a photo job or my art clients, either way, you leave me with a hug. That hug is not only a reflection of my appreciation that you are helping me do what I love but also that you love what I do..
I am grateful.

Clearly, I am not the first person to express this, but I agree that if every person was able to pursue their dreams the world would be a better place. For 30 + years, you have been supporting me in the pursuit of my dreams. Thank you!

  In 2013 I showed as a partner in the Night Heron Gallery, located on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, MA. Night Heron is a cooperative gallery of eleven extraordinary artists.
As always, I will show with Vineyard Artisan's at the Grange Hall.

Hopefully, I am ever evolving and you can look forward to new work with the same soul.

Health and blessings for you and your families now
and through the years.



About LA Brown Photography, Martha's Vineyard Island

Lisa Brown Photographer

My passion for photography started when I was twelve years old. At that time, I was already playing with oil painting, etching, silk-screening, ceramics, and drawing, which were all instrumental to the development of my sensitivity to texture, color, shape and design. I entered Providence College as an art major, graduating in 1986 with a BA in Photography. The next several years I traveled extensively throughout Europe. Inspired by all it offered and the desire to photograph everything that moved me, I decided to attended The New England School of Photography. I learned to ground myself in technique and received a degree in Editorial Photography and Color Projects.

My photography is instinctive. In any given moment I choose a specific technique; focus or perspective, choice of film or digital that allows me to best capture the image before me. I feel the essence of the scene and in that instance I let go to a creative impulse that guides my choice of lens, stance and light. The scene is then illuminated in such a way that the soul of the picture emerges.

Today, not only do I shoot amazing jobs like corporate events, aerials, weddings and portraits, but I am also traveling around the country showing my fine art photographs in private exhibitions. For thirty-five years, Martha's Vineyard Island has been essential to my creativity. Despite my many photographic adventures, I continue to make the Vineyard my home. For me, my greatest passion now is… Discovering a simple truth that leaves a lasting impression. (TM)

..L.A. Brown

L.A.Brown Photographer Martha's Vineyard New York
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